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Welcome to our section on substance abuse and behavioral pharmacology. Behavioral scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that drug use can be effectively reduced by arranging contingencies for drug abstinence. This section is dedicated to providing the resources for both the applied treatments Show More

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PDF CCBS Online Brochure
A downloadable PDF describing our organization, mission, programs and the people who volunteer their time and effort, our Board of Directors, Trustees and Advisors.

Tags: brochure, trustees, advisors, Board of Directors, About Us, Who's Who, Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies brochure
PDF Mom and Dad Lead the Way in Lifetime Habits
Smoking rates in Children. Of the 3,000 kids who start smoking each day, about two-thirds have parents who smoke.
Introductory Study

Tags: smoking, children
PDF Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Drug Abuse: Who's the Model Here?
Parents may see a clear distinction between medications and illegal drugs but a child/teen may not. The distinction becomes even less visible if medications are abused at home.
Introductory Study

Tags: parenting, drugs
PDF Teenage Drinking
Parenting tips and information on teenage drinking
Introductory Study

Tags: parenting, teenage drinking

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