CCBS Reunion - ABAI 43rd Annual Convention

Visit CCBS Friends during the ABAI 43rd Annual Convention.

Reunion #350


The Chicago School, B. F. Skinner Foundation, and Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Reunion

Sunday, May 28, 2017

8:00 PM–10:00 PM

Hyatt Regency, Capitol Ballroom 6

Chair: Leslie A. Morrison (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles)

This event provides an opportunity for all ABAI convention attendees involved with or interested in the B. F. Skinner Foundation, the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, and the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) departments of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Online campuses) to get together, get updates on activities, and make plans for the future. Dr. Julie Vargas and Dr. Joyce Tu will be present on behalf of the BF Skinner Foundation; Dr. Rob Holdsambeck and Dr. Hank Pennypacker will represent the Cambridge Center; and Dr. Ashley Whittington-Barnish, Dr. Leslie Morrison, Dr. Mary Caruso-Anderson and Dr. Robyn Catagnus are the Department Chairs of the ABA Departments in Chicago, Los Angeles, DC, and Online respectively. This event is a great time to meet a diverse group of behavior analysts and friends of behavior analysis, from students to seasoned faculty, to well-known researchers in the field. All ABAI attendees are invited to network, discuss common interests, and have an all-around good time!

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Venue:Hyatt Regency, Capitol Ballroom 6
Address:Hyatt Regency Denver, Colorado
Starts:May 28th, 2017
Ends:May 28th, 2017


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