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Posted by: Jonathan Mac on Aug 20th, 2010

As VP of Pearse Street Inc, husband of the very talented CEO Fuchsia McInereny and member of the Pearse Street team its exciting to be blogging on this completed social network. With out question the project has been one of our best and the value of the final project is great. We specialize in social network design & social networking software development. Many Pearse Street projects are for start up companies looking to become the next Facebook or MySpace. It has been a welcomed change of pace to work with such a well established organization on a true social networking project. Why else is this particular social network development project one of my favorites. The team has been a great team to work with eager to understand the process, help as necesary and always move toward the common goal of the best final website. Finally the website looks great, encourages participation/interaction and is an ease to navigate. I'm excited to have in our portfolio and can be counted as an excited new member personally.


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